About College

According to sarvapalli Radhakrishnan - “Education, is the process of giving the individual, knowledge and skills which he
should apply in his life.”

Education is the only means for all round development of the poor and backward classes. Through education anybody could achieve the highest position in the society. Taking this inspiration our Hon’ble Former Prisident and Principal Late Shri Arunrao Kalode came forward and established Saibaba Lokseva Santha in 1982. The institution is being managed by Saibaba lok seva Sanstha, Since1984, and has been rendering valuable service in the field of education. In 1993, the institution was shifted to its own Premises. In 2002-03 it was renamed in the memory of Late Prin. Arunrao Kalode as against the previous name of Saibaba Mahavidyalaya. The institution is categorized under 2f/12B in the year 2004 and was included in the List of University Grant commission. It offers a 3 year integrated course in Arts, Commerce, Computer Application & Business Management streams.

The progress of this institution has been due to untiring efforts and guidance of the former Principal Late Shri Arunrao Kalode. Over the Years, Mahavidyalaya has been growing from strength to strength by the addition of new courses through full expansion of the campus, increase in the teaching faculty, timely enhancement and enrichment of the faculty and addition of newer instruments/ equipments and facilities to the departments of the institution under the able guidance of Smt. Veena A. Kalode, former Principal and President of Saibaba Lokseva Sanstha. Various programmes are conducted throughout the year. All the staff and students actively participate and work hard to make the programs successful. Presently the institution is conducting all regular and professional courses smoothly and successfully. P


• The institute is affiliated to Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University, Nagpur.

• Dedicated and well qualified staff in all the departments.

• Full fledged computer Lab with Internet facility

• Excellent modern Library having more than 10,000 books on various technical and allied subjects.

• Modern facilities for sports.


Late. Prin. Arunrao Kalode
Former Principal and President
of Saibaba Lokseva Sanstha


Prin. Veena A. Kalode
Saibaba Lokseva Sanstha,

Prin Arunrao Kalode Mahavidyalaya is a dream destination for those aspiring to pursue their interest in the discipline of Arts and Commerce. The college offers some of the best academic resources of excellence in this discipline, be it faculty, infrastructure, library and computers. We are determined to provide the best level of quality education and all- round development of students in this college too. The sole aim is to impart knowledge and produce manpower of global competence that will be well prepared to lead the country in diversified areas in the near future and will bring forward a high sense of awareness and opportunities for higher education. We wish to develop fully civilized human beings simultaneously by inculcating in them social, emotional, psychological, and mythological values so as to facilitate them to acquire perfection and face the world cheerfully. Appropriate provisions for in house structure to provide training and education in add on courses such as certification in foreign languages, communication skills, personality development and certified computer languages course shall be made available for the students of Arts and Commerce, besides regular curriculum and courses.


Dr. D.R. Satpute
Prin. Arunrao Kalode

As the principal of Prin. Arunrao Kalode Mahavidyalaya I take the administration of the college very seriously, because I believe that well administered institutions not only command respect from the employees, they even inspire them to walk that extra mile to put that extra efforts needed to constantly and continuously improve the standards. My aim is to run the academic work in a smooth manner without causing any hassles or inconvenience either to the teachers or to the students. Teachers should be able to enjoy teaching and students should be able to enjoy learning. There should not be any contempt towards the organization among the minds of any of the stakeholders. To achieve this we take feedback from the stakeholders and take necessary corrective action from time to time. I have also been putting lot of emphasis on conceptual understanding and concentrating on bringing about holistic development among the students. Our teachers are not only experience and qualified but also extremely good at teamwork. Our various committees reflect the team spirit and culture of our institute. We also encouraged them to upgrade their knowledge and put them through orientation session whenever it is possible. So the buzz word at PAKM is to improve and keep your self up to date constantly and continuously.

Welcome to the institute where academic excellence, team work and personality development are the integral part of the organizational culture.